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Machine Learning

Optimize Your Campaigns With One Simple Click.

Switch on the Machine Learning to supercharge your campaigns and increase your EPC! Our Machine Learning works in real time and is built to boost your marketing performance instantly.


Make Decisions On Your Own Caps

With Track Revenue’s new cap functionality, users are able to set a hard cap on the offer, campaign and affiliate campaign level. You can now be in control of where you want your traffic to go. You will also receive automated notifications as you’re approaching your caps!


Keep Your Domains Safe

Don’t worry about your tracking domains anymore! Our Websafe Feature triggers instant notifications for any potentially flagged domains. Leave it to us to take good care of your campaigns.

LP Protection

Protect Your Landing Pages

We know the time you spend making your creatives is valuable. We protect your landing pages so you can control exactly when audiences are able to see your pages. You can also add specific filter rules for each visitor, allowing you to take full control of your campaigns.

FeatureTrack RevenueVoluumAdsBridgeThriveFunnel Flux
Cloud SaaS -or- Self-Hosted SoftwareCloud SaaSCloud SaaSCloud SaaSBothSelf-Hosted
IP Filter / Redirect / Block
S2S Postback
A/B Testing of Offers and Landing Pages
Multi-Variable Drill-Down Reporting
Hide Referrers
Multi-User Access for Teams
Offers Management
Landing Page Management
Landing Page Rotation
Stats in Conversion-Time and Click-Time
Landing Page Protection
Domain Block Detection (Websafe + Virus Total)
Smart Link (Machine-Learning) Optimization
Affiliate Network IntegrationCustom BuiltOn Select Plans
UsersUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited$79/mo each additional userUnlimited
Free TrialFree Trial <100,000 clicksClosed Demo30 Day Free Trial30 Day Free Trial (Only Self Hosted)
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