Landing pages are a great tool and serves as a secondary page for directing the user to the offer itself. It contains vital information to further entice users to the offer presented. Great landing pages are often directly correlated to greater conversions!

Track Revenue offers seamless integration between your landing page(s) and offer(s) to provide fully functioning campaigns optimized to convert. Integrating your lander on our platform allows three primary functions:


You can now track your landing page views once your lander has been integrated. Setup is simple and can be configured in a few easy steps which include placement of two script tags at the bottom of your lander script page.

By tracking your landing pages views, you can analyze the traction and engagement of your pages and use this data to help you further optimize your landers. No other platform offers this feature and is only exclusive to Track Revenue! Be sure to ask your dedicated Account Manager for more information on how to make the best of your landers!


Landing page integration also offers superior control of your landers. You can now preset a timed expiration on your landers whenever you like.

When your landing page is viewed we start a timer that will only allow your landing page to be viewed for a period of time. If the user returns to the Landing Page after that timer has expired we will attempt to block the user from seeing the page. You can set your landers to expire up to as early as 15 minutes after it has been first viewed!


Our landing page integration can also allow you to force a click to a specific offer when there are multiple offers. This ensures your traffic is redirected with ease and you can ensure the right offers are being promoted.

Learn more about our Landing Page Integration feature and access our Tutorial here.