As our competing affiliate tracking platforms are still down, Track Revenue is working perfectly fine!

Amazon’s AWS S3 outage shocks the Ad Tech market

Following Amazon’s AWS S3 outage yesterday, many affected websites and software services are still experiencing the tech-turmoil. Companies that are depending solely on AWS are regretting not diversifying their hosting providers as they are facing these unexpected issues.

Some of our competing tracking platforms are still experiencing “reporting that will be temporarily inaccurate”, while Track Revenue’s reporting is unscathed. Rest assured, Track Revenue’s experienced engineers have positioned our tracker in a way that allows maximum security and minimal to no down time during widespread issues.

What makes Track Revenue stronger and more secure than our competition in unexpected events like these?

Track Revenue uses redundancy and we do not solely depend on AWS. We use both Azure and AWS to diversity the risk in case either one goes down. Our use of redundancy allows the duplication of critical components in our tracking system to increase our reliability in the form of back up generators for our system’s performance.

We hope that you can be rest assured, as our dedicated team at Track Revenue is consistently working to provide our customers with the most secure, reliable, and outage-proof Tracker.

Have a great day!


Track Revenue Team