Track Revenue offers a variety of features that allow our users to further optimize their business by limiting fraudulent activity. We not only provide users with an analysis of their traffic and fraudulent activity, but we also reduce the amount of fraudulent activity in real time.

Automatically Disable Fraudulent Campaigns

Do not waste money paying for fraudulent conversions, by using the Campaign Fraud Email Reports you will be notified of suspicious activity so that you can take action. Users can also download CSVs of the emails so that the information provided can be saved to your computer or easily shared.

Optimize Traffic

Track Revenue has done an in-depth analysis of fraudulent conversions. We have identified optimal times between click and conversion to identify fraudulent activity vs. good activity. We can also detect suspicious activity by monitoring how quickly and how often specific IP Addresses and Device IDs are converting.

Real-Time Fraud Checks

In addition to detecting fraudulent activity, we also provide users with the tools to prevent fraudulence. Track Revenue offers a variety of criterions that you can set which will allow you to manage your traffic in real time, effectively reducing fraudulent activity.

Link Health

Focus on what works. We provide a feature that allows you to continually retest links so that links that are getting to the proper destination or have too many redirects are turned off. Traffic is directed to links that are more likely to receive conversions. We continuously test the link health so if a link were to improve it would automatically get turned back on.

Whitelist IP Addresses

To ensure these features meet your unique needs we give users the ability to Whitelist IP addresses. Choose which IP addresses have priority so that you can effectively eliminate fraudulent IP addresses.

Quality Reports

All of this useful information can be found in one place on the Fraud and Quality Report page. Making our platform user-friendly and allowing you to use these features effectively.


If you have any questions or would like to speak to a dedicated account manager to learn more about our Fraud Detection Features you can contact us here:

Email: support@trackrevenue.com