Our user’s asked for it and we delivered!

Track Revenue’s new cap functionality allows users to set a hard cap on the offer, campaign, and affiliate campaign level. This feature allows for an automated way of stopping traffic when the caps are reached, offering users the flexibility to redirect their own traffic within Track Revenue.

Two types of cap functionalities are available through Track Revenue which include daily and overall caps. Both cap types can be set on the Offer, Campaign, and Affiliate Campaign levels.

The daily cap is the maximum amount of leads allowed per day. Once the daily cap is met, the offer, campaign, or affiliate campaign will automatically be redirected to your liking. This cap will reset daily at a time set by the user.

Similarly, the overall cap is the maximum amount of leads allowed for any campaign. Once the overall cap is met, the offer, campaign, or affiliate campaign will automatically redirected also.

In order to be proactive with our users, Track Revenue offers email notifications when caps are 80% reached and 100% reached, respectively. User’s don’t need to rely on their affiliate networks to apply their caps and can now control their own caps.

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TR Team
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