Tracking domains, offer domains and lander domains not working correctly is one of the biggest head aches for an affiliate. Domain issues are costing you both time and money, so it’s time to take action. Thanks to Track Revenue’s Enhanced Websafe + Virus Total, enhanced domain checks will not only hit Google’s safe browsing API, but 30 other polling locations as well. Auto-detection and proactive alerts when your domains get flagged offer affiliates bullet proof tracking solutions in the following three ways:

1. Enhanced domain checks are more accurate than the standalone basic domain check.

2. Enhanced domain checks are more aggressive and will flag a domain as long as it fails for one of the services on Virus Total.

3. Enhanced domain checks provide affiliates a with a proactive way to monitor your domains. Getting alerts before your partner’s do, helps to ensure that you’re on top of your game so that you can fix any issues before losing money.

Increase your performance today by getting Track Revenue’s Enhanced Websafe + Virus Total protection included for FREE with any Track Revenue Account.

TR Team

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